How to Open Free Wallet Account

  1. Type
  2. Click on Signup
  3. Enter your Email
  4. Enter your Username
  5. Enter your Password
  6. Click on Signup
  7. Or Signup with your Facebook account

How to (Upgrade) Activate Your Wallet Account

Option #1 – Pay through Wallet

  1. (Please pay into our Bank Account)
  2. Click on Upgrade
  3. Select your Platform
  4. Click on Wallet
  5. Click on Pay
  6. Click on OK
  7. Fill the Form
  8. Enter your Referral ID
  9. Upload your Picture
  10. Click on Save

Option #2 – Pay through Debit card

  1. Click on Others
  2. Click on Debit Card
  3. Enter your debit details
  4. Click on Pay
  5. Fill the Form
  6. Enter your Referral ID
  7. Upload your Picture
  8. Click on Save

How to Search for Professionals, Artisans and Traders (PAT) is a classified ads platform. This is how to search for professionals, artisans and traders (PAT).

  1. Select your choice PAT
  2. Select your State
  3. Select your Local Government
  4. Click on Search Service Provider