Digital Initiative for Young Africans (DIYA)

Digital Initiative for Young Africans (DIYA) is a training platform where interested participants are trained to become experts in digital skills. It is aimed at helping Africans tap into the wealth of online opportunities in order to reduce unemployment and help Africans to be more resourceful and self-independent. Job contract is awarded to best performing students with links to international community with financial support.

PlusAfrica promotes initiative or invention discovered by students in the course of carrying out their research work. We believe in innovation and creativity that will be beneficial to Africans and the world at large.

Some of the courses available are:

  • How Digital Marketing Works
  • How to Start Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Setup Online TV Channels
  • Apply for PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF)
  • How to Make Use of Digital Currency
  • How to Open and Operate Digital Account
  • How to Create Blogs, Website and Mobile Apps
  • How to make Money from Digital Multilevel Business
  • How to Use Social Media Platform for Products Marketing
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