Hire Qualified Professionals

Get matched to top talent in minutes through our network of skilled professionals.

Classified Ads

Online advertisement that gives you wider coverage to market your products and services.

Multilevel Income

Enjoy online and offline passive income through referral bonus and commission.

Digital Bank Account

Instant opening and usage of online banking facilities which helps you with savings and withdrawal.

Digital Classified Ads Platform (D-CAP)

Digital Classified Ads Platform (D-CAP) helps you advertise your products and services online with little cost. You have access to digital banking system with usage of wallet to hire your choice Professionals, Artisans and Traders (PAT) and pay them using your referral bonuses or commissions. This eliminates the traditional system of using your hard earned money to enjoy the services of PAT.

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PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF)

PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF) is an initiative to help support subscribed Students, Networkers, Artisans, Professionals and Traders (SNAPT) establish new business or improve existing ones.

This eases the burden associated with getting financial support from individuals and corporate organizations due to bottlenecks and bureaucracy of securing such fund.

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Digital Initiative for Young Africans (DIYA)

Digital Initiative for Young Africans (DIYA) is a training platform where interested participants are trained to become experts in digital skills. It is aimed at helping Africans tap into the wealth of online opportunities in order to reduce unemployment and help Africans to be more resourceful and self-independent. Job contract is awarded to best performing students with links to international community with financial support.

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Our top professionals

Sunday Ojebiyi

Service: Estate Agent

State: Ogun

Phone: 08037186874

Oluwasogo Olatunj

Service: Electrician

State: Ogun

Phone: 08064837018

Chaplain Olumuyiw

Service: Chaplain

State: Ogun

Phone: 09079283131

Asoro Ruth

Service: Event Planner

State: Ogun

Phone: 08039517990

Chaplain Salako O

Service: Chaplain

State: Ogun

Phone: 08062486373

Ogunsola Titilayo

Service: Aged Care

State: Ogun

Phone: 08146241733

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