PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF)

PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF) is an initiative to help support subscribed Students, Networkers, Artisans, Professionals and Traders (SNAPT) establish new business or improve existing ones. This eases the burden associated with getting financial support from individuals and corporate organizations due to bottlenecks and bureaucracy of securing such fund.

With PAF, the beneficiary pays back using other people’s money (opm) through referral bonuses and commissions. No interest and hidden charges. More so, you get refunded in cash or rewarded with non-cash incentives when you successfully return the Fund without any default at the stipulated period of time. For every fund you successfully return, you get higher fund in return.

The total Fund that will be released for every applicant in the first phase is One Million and One Hundred Thousand Naira (N1,100,000). This singular initiative has stood us out from the rest – first in the world of multilevel business funding.

How PAF Works

  1. Sign-up for free registration (campaign)
  2. A Plus Digital Account (PDA) is opened for you
  3. Upgrade your account through paid campaigns
  4. Apply for PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF)
  5. Get a Corporate Dedicated Account (CDA)
  6. Refer 4 Subscribers who run paid campaign.
  7. Your Fund will be deposited in your Plus Digital Account (PDA).

How to pay back period

Refer just 20 subscribers. These 20 subscribers will be used to offset your Fund which gives you access to higher fund until you receive a total sum of One Million and One Hundred Thousand Naira (N1,100,000).

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